​Research for schools

Bullying. No Way! has reviewed the research on bullying for Australian educators.

Research snapshots

A series of Bullying. No Way! Research snapshots has been developed based on the latest comprehensive literature review. These outline the implications for educational policy and practice.

Download individual Research snapshots below or all eight Research snapshots in a single document (PDF, 847KB).

What is bullying, including online bullying? (PDF, 670KB)
What is the prevalence of bullying in schools? (PDF, 430KB)
Who is involved in bullying? (PDF, 671KB)
What are the impacts of bullying? (PDF, 669KB)
What role do parents and carers have in relation to bullying? (PDF, 668KB)
What is the role of school culture and school climate in countering bullying? (PDF, 669KB)
What is the role of school policy? (PDF, 674KB)
What evidence-based practices can schools adopt? (PDF, 671KB)


The infographic Bullying Prevention in schools what we know (PDF, 157 KB) summarises the quality Australian research about effective practices at schools, positive teacher-student relationships and positive family relationships.  (The document can be printed for display in colour on A3 paper.)

The infographic Bullying in schools facts and figures (PDF, 154 KB) summarises the quality Australian research facts and figures about bullying, including online bullying.  (The document can be printed for display in colour on A3 paper.)

Download the combined Bullying in school infographics (PDF, 309 KB) or Download an accessible version (DOCX, 133 KB) of the combined content of the two infographics.

Literature reviews

2014 review

A review of literature (2010-2014) on student bullying by Australia's Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group (PDF, 953KB) has been written specifically for educational settings and needs.

The literature review includes four years of Australian research on student bullying. It covers research into bullying of all forms, including online bullying.

The research reveals new thinking about why bullying happens, the value of involving students in all aspects of countering bullying in schools, the role of school culture and climate, the importance of teachers’ responses, and what works, and doesn’t work, to prevent bullying.

2009 review​

The 2010-2014 literature review builds on an earlier review done in 2009, published originally in the National Safe Schools Framework Resource Manual (2011) by the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs.

Read the literature review from 2009 which was published as Chapter 6 of the NSSF Resource Manual (PDF, 563KB). ​