​​​​​​​​​About The Allen Adventure

Screenshot from The Allen AdventureThe Allen Adventure is a fun, interactive story about Allen, a young visitor from another planet, who is new to school and learning how to get on with his ne​w Earthling classmates.

The Allen Adventure explores social and emotional skills that children need to make friends, get on with others, and deal with difficult behaviour from other children. Each chapter involves a problem for Allen to solve and interactive elements for children.

The story gives you the chance to talk with children about what to do in various social situations.

See below for a brief summary of each chapter. Read extended information about the story and about how parents and educators can help children learn important social-emotional skills in About The Allen Adventure (PDF, 81 KB​), Accessible version (RTF, 86KB).

You can download The Allen Adventure app for iPad 2 or above and Android 2.2 or later. You can also watch the video version of The Allen Adventure on this site.

Visit the Early childhood resources for lesson plans and other resources for ideas to explore the story and for extension activities.​

Chapter 1 The New Ki​d — joining in

Allen arrives at his new school on Earth. The other children find his stories from Goopiter fascinating, including the pictures of his six legged dog.

But when it comes to play time, Allen doesn't know how to join in the children's games. He hovers around, he gets frustrated, and then he gets sad because he feels left out. One of the other children notices, and tells Allen what to say when he wants to join in a game.

Chapter 2 The Rocket — recognising other people's feelings

Allen finds a rocket in the sandpit which becomes his favourite toy. He loves the rocket so much he keeps it all for himself. He does not understand how this is affecting the other children who also want to play with the rocket, because he cannot tell what they are feeling.

Then Allen plays a game called I Get the Feeling where he learns there are clues to people's feelings in their faces, their voices and their bodies. When he learns about feelings, he works out he has been upsetting the other children. He wants to be their friend so he shares the rocket.

Chapter 3 Kinda Mean — what to do if someone is mean

Allen is very excited to eat grapes for the first time, but he does not know that keeping them all, and not sharing, is a 'kinda mean' thing to do.

Allen does not hear the other children telling him to stop. So one child does what the teacher has taught them to do if someone is mean to them and they can't sort it out themselves, and gets the teacher. But Allen doesn't know what being 'mean' means or how it makes other children feel.

The other children explain through the Kinda Mean song. Then Allen understands and shares the grapes with the other children.

Chapter 4 Earth to Allen — how to deal with strong feelings

Allen enjoys learning at school on Earth. But he also sometimes finds his feelings are a bit too big for him.

When he has overwhelming feelings, he does silly or unpleasant things that affect the other children. One of the children explains to Allen that when this happens there are things he can do to calm down.

​Find more on any of these chapters, or about how parents and educators can help children learn important social-emotional skills in About The Allen Adventure (PDF, 81 KB​)Accessible version (RTF, 86KB).​