If you need to tell someone

It's important to tell someone. Stopping bullying often needs other people's help and involvement.

Just talking about it with someone can help you feel better. Talk to a friend or someone else who can listen to you.

Make sure you are clear to the person you tell what you want them to do — do you want them to listen, be supportive, give you advice, suggest some strategies, or help you report to the school? Or all of these?

For students

Bullying is never okay. It can make you feel awful. You have a right to feel safe.

Tell someone immediately if you are worried you are going to get hurt.

If you want to try some strategies before you report bullying to the school, read about what to do at For teens and For kids. These pages have different strategies if you are being bullied, you get told you are bullying someone, or you see bullying happening.

If you don't feel you can stop the bullying, or if the bullying continues after you have tried some strategies, tell an adult who can help you. Keep asking for support until you get help and until the bullying stops.

If you would prefer to talk to someone outside of school or home, go to Need help now? for contact details for other people to speak to in person or chat with online.

For parents and carers

If you are concerned your child is being bullied, harassed or physically hurt, make an appointment with ​your child's teacher.

The best outcomes for your child will be achieved by you and the school working together.

If you are concerned your child is​ involved in bullying others, talk with your child to find out what is going on, and why. With your child discuss the possible harm and consequences. Make an appointment to see your child's teacher.

Ask for a copy of your school's policies and any handouts or other information to help you to be involved. This information may be on your school's website. You can also visit your jurisdiction's website to look at any relevant policies.

If you are not satisfied the situation is resolved make an appointment to talk to the principal about your concerns.

If you would like to talk to someone else call your local Parent Line. You might also like to read Reporting to other authorities.