Support group method

Support group method is a process in which students who have offended against another attend a meeting together, at which the offender is required to reflect upon the harm that has been done, experience remorse and act restoratively towards the person or persons offended.

This method gathers assistance for the student who has been bullied. It does this by sharing knowledge of his or her distress at a meeting with the perpetrators, together with peers who would offer support.


The rationale behind using the Support Group Method is:

  • students who have been bullied will describe to a practitioner the distress they have experienced by those who have bullied them, especially when they are convinced that the perpetrators will not be punished
  • perpetrators will empathise with what has been happening to the person they have bullied when they are told about their distress especially if they attend a meeting convened by the practitioner in the company of some other students who are supportive of that person
  • the perpetrators will accept responsibility for helping to alleviate the other person's distress and act accordingly.

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