​Strengthening the target

Strengthening the 'target' involves systematically helping the person being bullied to deal more effectively with the person or persons who seek to bully him or her.

The strategy of strengthening the target seeks to improve the capacity of the intended target to cope more effectively with bullying.


The rationale behind this approach is that by improving the target’s coping skills:

  • the targeted person can be helped to acquire the capacity to deal effectively with the threat of being bullied by someone, without any external intervention
  • the power imbalance inherent in the bullying situation can be redressed
  • the school may not have to take action against the aggressor
  • the self-esteem of the targeted child improves and he or she is likely to be able to cope better with other potential aggressors.

This content used with the kind permission of Bully Stoppers.

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