Mediation is a process in which students in conflict and bullying are invited to take part in a session with a mediator, a staff member or peer mediator, to help resolve their differences.

The mediation approach used by schools requires students to be voluntarily involved in the dispute resolution process. Under some circumstances this method may be used to address conflict that may involve bullying.


The rationale behind this approach is that by engaging a trained mediator, students can:

  • partake in a successful problem-solving activity to address cases of bullying
  • take responsibility for their behaviour and explore the underlying reasons for the conflict or grievance
  • be helped to reach agreement on solutions that are reasonable and fair, even if it has involved compromise on both sides
  • devise solutions that are better and more sustainable than if they were coerced
  • participate in a mediation session that is a valuable learning experience that can help one in resolving interpersonal problems later.

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