Understanding bullying

Videos to develop a shared understanding of bullying, what works, and what doesn’t work​

What is bullying? National definition

 Whiteboard animation series exploring the national definition of bullying for Australian schools​

Stories about bullying​

Stories from students and others about being bullied, seeing bullying happening, how students felt, and ways to deal with bullying


​​Tips and strategies

Ideas about what to do if you are bullied or if you see bullying


Stories and information for bystanders. Bystanders are other people who watch or are nearby when bullying takes place


​Online bullying

Videos about online bullying, also known as cyberbullying​


​For you​ng kids

Videos by and for young children


​​Working with your school

Videos for ​parents, carers and others about working with your school around bullying

​​Professional development

Videos for school staff about understanding bullying and using appropriate strategies to counter bullying​

​Nat​ional Day of Action against Bullying and Violence


​Made ​by students


​Socia​l skills and problem solving skills