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You don’t need to use the word ‘bullying’ to begin to teach young children a wide range of skills that will help to prevent bullying.

The Allen Adventure explores social and emotional skills that children need to make friends, get on with others and deal with unpleasant or difficult behaviour from other children.

It provides an opportunity for parents, carers and early childhood educators to talk with young children about what to do in various social situations.

A wide range of additional resources for early childhood educators and families is also available to help young children learn more with Allen. These include booklets, puppets, postcards, posters and music files.

Allen solves a problem introduces problem-solving skills in the early childhood education setting and at home. 

Allen learns about feelings uses fun emojis in activities and worksheets to support the development of emotional literacy in young children.

Download the app and check our all the supporting resources at Early Childhood Resources.

Start learning with Allen today!

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