​​​​​​Whole-school approaches to online bullying

Whole-school approaches to bullying also include strategies to deal with online bullying (sometimes called cyberbullying).

Such strategies are likely to be part of a whole-school approach to online safety (cybersafety), so information about general online safety resources is provided here.

The Student Wellbeing​ Hub's School A​udit Tool provides a useful checklist for making schools and students more safe online.

Office of the eSafety Commissioner

The primary source of information about online safety and countering bullying online is the Australian Government's Office of the eSafety​ Commissioner:

  • The Education Resources section includes engaging online safety resources for use with students from lower primary to upper secondary school. All resources are easy to use, flexible and provided free of charge as part of the Government's online safety program.
  • The Outreach program offers bookings for free online and offline professional development for teachers and internet safety awareness presentations for teachers, students and parents provided by Australia's leading online safety experts.
  • The Implementing policies​ section provides an outline of policies and procedures schools may follow to assist them in providing a holistic approach to online safety. It outlines a proposed method for establishing a school-wide approach to online safety and links to online safety policies and procedures provided by the states and territories for use or adaptation by individual schools.

Other resources for online safety

NetSafe Kit for Schools is a free whole-school online safety framework for schools produced in New Zealand.

Other good quality and relevant whole-school resources are not listed here if they involve a cost to schools.