​Introduction to STEPS

STEPS – Steps to examine programs and approaches for schools – is a decision-making tool to help schools select appropriate and evidence-based anti-bullying programs and approaches.

STEPS - Steps to examine programs and approaches for schoolsLocal decisions determine your school's success. You want to select programs and approaches that provide real results for your students.

A wide range of frameworks, strategies, resources and programs which aim to counter bullying is available to schools. Some of these have a strong theoretical basis, solid evidence and are designed for sustainable implementation in schools. Others lack any theory or evidence and do not align with the educational context.                                                                                                                    

The STEPS decision-making tool supports school staff to examine these various programs and resources. Watch a short video about STEPS.

STEPS consists of:

Who is STEPS for?

STEPS is for Australian schools that want a robust, transparent and comprehensive process for selecting an evidence-based anti-bullying approach that is appropriate for their school.

STEPS is also for schools that want to avoid using inappropriate and ineffective approaches or programs.

Read more at How to use STEPS.

Why select an evidence-based approach?

Schools want to know the approach they select will work. A strong evidence base for an anti-bullying approach gives schools confidence that the time and effort required to implement an approach will result in positive and sustainable outcomes.

What makes an approach appropriate for your school?

Schools want to know the approach they select will work in their school. An appropriate anti-bullying approach is one that matches your identified goals and needs and can be implemented in your school context on a sustainable basis. Only you can determine your school's strengths and needs, as well as your resources and constraints for implementing an approach.

Who developed STEPS?

STEPS has been developed through extensive consultation by Australia's Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group, which includes representatives from all Australian educational authorities.

Can I give feedback on STEPS?

Schools are welcome to provide feedback by email to BNW.Website@qed.qld.gov.au

If your department or agency is interested in adapting STEPS to assist schools to examine other types of programs and approaches, please contact BNW.Website@qed.qld.gov.au with details of your request and how you will use it in schools.