​​Professional learning

School staff who are trained and supported to respond to and prevent bullying are an essential part of a school's approach to countering bullying.

Research shows that specific training for staff and the support of the school principal in dealing with bullying incidents improves staff capacity and readiness to respond well.

​Schools can build the capacity of staff through professional learning opportunities, both formal and informal.

Regularly reviewing staff knowledge and skills helps to ensure consistency with policy and contemporary research findings.

Professional learning can include:

The various sections of Bullying. No Way! which cover these topics can serve as the basis for discussion and ongoing staff professional development. Also visit the Professional learning resources page in the Resource section for a selection of materials.

The Bullying. No Way! infographics summarise the quality Australian research about bullying and can be useful material for a professional learning activity at you school.

 It is critical to take teachers' personal perspectives and skills into account in adult learning activities as well as in implementing anti-bullying approaches.

An activity that involves testing teachers' understanding with current research is a great opportunity for building commitment to agreed actions to counter bullying within the school. Professor Ken Rigby manages an online quiz What do you know about bullying? The answers are guaranteed to generate interesting staff discussion.

Activities should be relevant to teachers' roles and responsibilities and allow teachers to express their views and requirements. Training should ideally engage staff in developing messages and content.