National Safe Schools Framework

The National Safe Schools Frame​work (PDF, 2.7MB) has been superseded by the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (PDF, 2.7MB).

The National Safe Schools Framew​ork provided a vision and a set of guiding principles for safe, supportive and respectful school communities that promote student wellbeing. It was supported by all Australian education jurisdictions.

These guiding principles emphasised the importance of student safety and wellbeing as a pre-requisite for effective learning in all school settings.

The National Safe Schools Framework adopted a whole-school approach to safety and wellbeing. It identified nine elements of effective practice to help schools to counter harassment, violence and bullying:

  1. Leadership commitment to a safe school
  2. A supportive and connected school culture
  3. Policies and procedures
  4. Professional learning
  5. Positive behaviour management
  6. Engagement, skill development and safe school curriculum
  7. A focus on student wellbeing and student ownership
  8. Early intervention and targeted support
  9. Partnerships with families and community

Each element contained a comprehensive range of strategies for school communities to use, based on good practice, research-based literature, and feedback from all educational systems, sectors and educators.

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