Involving parents and carers

The meaningful involvement of parents, carers and other family members is essential for developing and maintaining safe and supportive learning environments.

Positive teacher-parent and family relationships are built through regular formal and informal activities, some of which can focus specifically on safety, wellbeing and bullying.

This page is based directly on content from the National Safe Schools Framework (PDF​, 2.7MB).


Schools are responsible for encouraging and enabling parents and other carers to participate in the life of the school. Ways to foster participation include:

  • establishing a parent committee at each class or year level for parents to connect with other parents
  • tasking students to write letters to invite their parents to participate in school and social events
  • ensuring interpreters are available for parent-teacher conversations and newsletters
  • providing new families with a welcome package to help them understand the school's policies, procedures and values
  • providing opportunities for parents/carers to work with the school and support the school's responses to any safety or wellbeing issues
  • communicating regularly about the importance of parents acting as good role models and supporting positive messages about safety and wellbeing.


A shared understanding of bullying, student safety and wellbeing is developed through the school providing opportunities for parent/carer education, including:

  • developing strategies to empower parents to offer effective parental support around issues
  • recognising signs that their child might be being bullied (including in person and online), be involved in bullying others, or be engaging in unsafe use of technology
  • communicating with the school about bullying, safety and wellbeing, let the school know of any concerns they have about the safety and wellbeing of their own child or any other student at the school.
  • understanding what actions the school will take in response to situations involving bullying and aggression
  • providing links to credible information and websites, such as Bullying. No Way! See the Student Wellbeing Hub​​ for more information and suggested other websites.

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