​How to send a photo

1. Take a photo of your students 'Taking a Stand Together'

We are looking for photos that:

  • Show students 'taking a stand together'
  • Show off National Day of Action resources you have used in your schools: posters, bunting, wristbands, artworks, other images
  • Promote positive images of students
  • Are clear and high quality.​

Please avoid any signs or words in the photo (e.g. name badges) that would identify individual students, as such photos cannot be published.

2. Ensure you have signed consent forms

To have your school’s photo on Bullying. No Way! you must:
Please note:
  • The Bullying. No Way! consent form needs to be completed in addition to any forms you use within your school site.
    The site is managed by the Department of Education in Queensland, and which
    requires the use of this specific form to allow DET to meet the requirements of the Queensland Information Privacy Act (2009).
  • Forms are not required for individuals who cannot be identified because they are indistinct or not facing the camera.
To remove a photo from our gallery, email us at bnw.website@qed.qld.gov.au with your schools details.

3. Lodge your photo

Complete the form at Send a photo to lodge your school's photo.

Only the school principal or their authorised delegate (staff only, not students) may submit information on behalf of the school.

All photos will be checked before they appear in the gallery. This process may take a few days.