​NDA and every day

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) provides an inspiring focus and energiser for school staff, students and families. Schools sometimes ask us for ideas to build on this energy to maintain a commitment to bullying prevention throughout the rest of the school year.  

Ideas into action 

The Imagine 'My world' poster activity or speech bubble template is a great way to capture your school community's ideas for a world without bullying.

How could you put the Imagine ideas into action? 

The NEW Putting big ideas into action workshop (PDF 353, KB), (DOCX, 617 KB) provides schools with guidelines to use all the great ideas as a springboard for developing a bullying prevention plan.

Engaging students and families with the school bullying prevention plan

A NEW resource, Bullying prevention is everyone's responsibility: a guide to engaging students and families (PDF, 1.1 MB), (DOCX, 1.4 MB) is a practical guide for school leaders and teachers to engage students and families with the school's bullying prevention plan or policy.

The guide is based on research on meaningful engagement of students in the process of school change. Ideas for practical activities related to bullying prevention are included for students in early, middle and senior years. The guide draws on the work on student voice and meaningful student engagement by Adam Fletcher.

Examples of family engagement are also included. These are based on the Australian Government Department of Education and Training's key dimensions of family-school partnerships.

Bullying prevention is everyone's responsibility explores the various stages of developing a school bullying prevention plan or policy. It also includes a template for preparing for student and family engagement at each stage.

Lesson plans and materials

Integrating talking and teaching about bullying within the curriculum is the best way to make it clear that bullying is never ok.

Bullying No Way! provides detailed lesson plans and resources for students from early childhood to senior years. These teaching and learning resources are available all year round.

Bullying No Way! also provides a searchable teaching resources catalogue with links to other high quality resources for the classroom. In the resource section, teachers can find helpful information on teaching about bullying.

  • ​"We were excited to be a part of the NDA, we wanted to help students to understand bullying and talk about it as a whole school, which then would open the doors for families and the community to talk about bullying also."
    (Schools feedback)
  • Engage
  • ​"The NDA is a great starting point for the conversations to happen and we follow it up with other social emotional learning activities and workshops throughout the year. All together this keeps the message in student's minds that bullying is never ok and that we all need to act when we see it. "
    (Schools feedback)
  • Engage
  • ​"A school-wide approach in developing and implementing policy has contributed to the change in skills, knowledge and actions of the school community. The NDA has been an important part of giving bullying prevention a profile and focus each year."
    (Schools feedback)

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