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The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is an important day to mark Australians standing together to say Bullying. No Way!

The NDA is chance to reignite the national conversation about bullying prevention and an opportunity for schools to showcase their anti-bullying strategies. The media is a key part of the conversation.

The NDA Media information pack is now available. This pack provides key messages, fast facts and includes the Education Council media release. 

Download the Social Media Kit for key information about bullying, tips and helpful links to media content to address bullying, and other resources and graphics. Share the message using #BullyingNoWay #TakeaStandTogether #NDA2019

Download the information kit about bullying and the NDA to get the latest fast facts and information on bullying in Australia, including the current national definition of bullying for Australian schools.

View the full list of NDA registered schools.

Thanks for sharing the powerful message - Bullying. No Way!

 NDA conversation partners videos

Watch Lucy Thomas #takeastandtogether

Watch Justine Clarke #takeastandtogether

Watch Prof. Alan Duffy #takeastandtogether

Watch Hayley Raso #takeastandtogether

 Take action every day videos

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