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Download the Media pack with the official media release and  general information for the 2018 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

The Media pack can be used with the NDA information kit and social media kit below.  











     Download the 2018 NDA Information Kit

      Download the 2018 NDA social media kit


The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is Australia's key anti‑bullying event for schools and encourages all Australian students to stand united against bullying and violence in the classroom, in schools and beyond.

NDA schools and communities are equipped with an extensive range of resources and materials to make the day a success including ideas for school events, class activities and lesson plans.

Capturing and sharing ideas will ignite the national conversation and highlight the importance of working together to address bullying.

The NDA is a positive day of action. Let's start the conversation about how we can all play our part.

No matter where you are in Australia, the NDA is one day for us all to Take a Stand Together.

Download the NDA Information kit with and involve the whole community.

When spreading the message use #BullyingNoWay #TakeaStandTogether #NDA2018


 Watch the Imagine animation


    Watch the 2018 Community Service Announcement


It starts with an idea. What's your school doing? It starts with an idea. What is your school doing?   

             Watch Ready to imagine

       Watch Imagine the possibilities!

          Watch Share your BIG IDEAS

 Watch the Lisa de Vanna, Maltildas co-captain interview

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