​​​​​​​​​​​​Imagine a world free from bullying   

For the 2018 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA), Australian schools are invited to share their BIG IDEAS for a world free from bullying within their communities.

The new range of thought provoking materials enable schools to capture authentic student voice and promote ideas and solutions for a world where bullying has no place. 

The 'Imagine a world free from bullying' downloadable materials can be adapted to suit your school.   Check out the downloadable Imagine materials, including posters with real quotes, postcards, make your own posters, speech bubbles and get your creative cap on! 

Start planning for 'Imagine a world free from bullying' as part of your school's NDA 2018.

NDA schools are also encouraged to run the 'My world' free from bullying poster activity'  which allows students the chance to express their creative side and say Bullying. No Way!   

The 'My world' free from bullying' poster creation kit provides young people an opportunity to think their world and present visual ideas about how we can work together to create a world free from bullying.  Just imagine the possibilities.

Order your school's 'My world' poster e-kit nowIMAGINE all the student and community ideas you can showcase as part of  this year's NDA.

Help ignite a national conversation and share your BIG IDEAS…  #ImagineBullyingNoWay  #ImagineNDA2018

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