​Imagine materials to download

Australian schools are invited to share their BIG IDEAS for a world free from bullying within their communities.  The 'Imagine a world free from bullying' downloadable materials can be adapted to suit your school.

Download the Imagine materials, including posters with real quotes, make your own posters, speech bubbles activity template, postcards and get your creative cap on! 

As an NDA school you can also choose to run the 'My world' free from bullying poster activity and ask students to express their creative side to say Bullying. No Way!

The 'My world' free from bullying poster activity can be adapted for different year levels and expanded to include different categories for submissions.  Order your e-kit today.

Make sure you also check out the Bullying. No Way! lesson plans, as well as school events and class activities for great ideas on ways to use these materials in and outside the classroom.

It would be great to see your materials in action for the National Day of Action. Don't forget to send us a photo!


Get involved posters

Speech bubble activity template


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