​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Imagine a world free from bullying   

The Imagine 'My world' poster activity provides students with an opportunity to think about their world and present ideas about how they can work together to create a world free from bullying.  It is also a great way to capture your school community's ideas for a world without bullying.

This activity encourages expressive design and gives students the chance to present ideas and concepts about what a world without bullying would look like.

The 'My world' poster activity can be adapted for different year levels and be expanded to include different categories. Poster categories may include: drawings, paintings, digital graphics, multi-media, collage, photos or video production.

Imagine the possibilities

The 'Imagine a world free from bullying' downloadable materials can be adapted to suit your school.

Here are some questions to get your school thinking about a world free from bullying when they are creating posters.

  • What would a world without bullying look like?
  • How would it look different?
  • How could we make a world without bullying?
  • What things in the world would need to change?
  • What role do you play? What role does community play?
  • What actions do we need to take to create a safe world?
  • Why do we need to work together against bullying?
  • What would your school look like if there was no bullying?
  • What would the playground look like when there is no bullying?