​The Allen Adventure lesson plans

The Allen Adventure lesson plans explore the social and emotional skills introduced in The Allen Adventure app for iPads and Android tablets and support class discussion about prosocial behaviours.

Watch the Allen Adventure here or on YouTube. The Allen Adventure in the classroom video shows a teacher using The Allen Adventure with students.

Lesson plans and supporting materials are available for children in the following age-groups: 3–4 years, 5–6 years, 7–8 years of age.

Each lesson explores a chapter in The Allen Adventure story and takes approximately 20–30 minutes to deliver. All resources are provided below.


The Allen Adventure Overview (PDF, 487KB), Word version (DOC, 410KB) provides the rationale, guidelines for group discussions, and links to important documents and references. It includes a summary of the story, the personal and social capabilities addressed, a skill building focus and potential higher level concepts with each chapter to assist in planning.

Introduction to lesson plans

The Introduction to lesson plans (PDF, 551KB), Word version (DOC, 434KB) details the key concept for each chapter, the lesson structure, how to prepare for the lessons, and ideas for sharing students' learning with the rest of the school.

Lesson plans

Lesson plans for 3 to 4 year olds (PDF, 55KB), Word version (DOC, 437KB)

Lesson plans for 5 to 6 year olds (PDF, 560KB), Word version (DOC, 440KB)

Lesson plans for 7 to 8 year olds (PDF, 551KB), Word version (DOC, 434KB)

Get the Feeling? handout (optional activity for 7 to 8 years olds) (PDF, 38KB), Word version (DOC, 77KB)

Lesson support materials

Critical point illustration for each chapter A4 (PDF, 3MB), Word version (DOC 21MB) — 4 pages, print on A4 paper

Stick figure puppets (PDF, 361KB), Word version (DOC 2MB) — print on A4 card, cut out and adhere to small sticks

Character cards (PDF, 208KB), Word version (DOC 2MB) — possible use for additional activities

Emotions cards (PDF, 217KB), Word version (DOC 2MB) — print on A4 card and cut into individual characters

Stickers (PDF, 441KB), Word version (DOC 6MB) — print on a single A4 adhesive label page and cut into individual stickers

Learn more with Allen

 Allen learns about feelings is a teaching resource for early childhood educators aimed at fostering emotional literacy in young children.  It provides information for educators and families about using the Allen emoji activities and providing young children with opportunities to identify and understand emotions.

The Allen learns about feelings puppet resource package (PDF, 1.9 MB) can be used by educators and families to help young children learn about appropriate social and emotional behaviours and develop empathy for others.

Make the Allen puppets and use the range of facial expressions to act out stories and explore problem solving.

Allen solves a problem is a resource for introducing problem-solving skills to young children. It includes a template and guidelines for educators and parents. The Allen solves a problem template provides a structure for talking with young children about how to work out what to do if they have social problems or conflicts.

Thinking and Talking poster A3 (PDF, 1.1MB), Word version (DOC 782KB) can be printed on A3 paper and displayed to show four things young children can remember as they learn to listen, think and talk with other people about ideas.

Parent handouts 

Sample letter for parents (DOC, 37KB) — download and amend as required; print on your letter head and enclose the two handouts below.

Handout: About the Allen Adventure (PDF, 273 KB), Word version (DOCX, 171KB)

Handout: Suggestions for parents: talking with you child about The Allen Adventure (PDF, 181KB), Word version (DOC, 360KB).

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