​Lessons and discussion starters

Bullying. No Way! has created a range of lessons and discussion starters for schools to use on and around the National Day of Action, or any time of the year.

Providing students with opportunities to talk about bullying is an important part of making a positive change. However, talking about bullying can highlight issues or can sometimes lead to increased bullying for some students. Ensure staff are aware of how to respond and that support is availabl​e.

Launchpad: Your school's resources for talking and teaching about bullying (PDF 1.8MB) presents the quality teaching resources from Bullying. No Way! you can use to enrich your whole-school approach to preventing and reducing bullying.

It provides a comprehensive guide of teaching and learning materials that school staff can use with students, parents, and for their own professional development.

Launchpad builds on the existing Bullying. No Way! lesson plans and discussions starters, which are:

Lesson plans and discussion starters will remain on the website for schools to use throughout the year.​

  • Take Action
  • Launchpad
  • Talking about bullying
  • Our Special Super Power
  • Talking about bullying
  • Being reasonable and ethical online
  • Ideas for a safe and supportive school community
  • Active Bystanders
  • Perspectives on bullying
  • The Allen Adventure