​​Someone to talk to

Don't let things get you down. You're not on your own. It is really important to tell someone who can help.

You can talk to:

  • a teacher, guidance officer or school counsellor
  • your parents or someone else in your family – aunt, uncle, grandparent
  • a friend who could help you.

If things don't get better after you've told someone, tell them again or tell a different person. There is always someone who can help.

If you want to talk to someone else about what's happening or can't talk to someone in person, you can go to the Kids Helpline website or call them on 1800 55 1800. It's a free call.

If you're outside of Australia, you can go to Child Helpline International to find a helpline in your country. Click on the 'Where We Work' tab. A world map will appear. Then click on your country and a list of child helplines that you can call in your country for help now will appear.

Child Helplines Worldwide

Remember, bullying is serious. Tell someone about it.