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Whole school strategies

What is a safe and supportive school environment?

Whole school anti-bullying resources

Whole school online safety resources

Legislation and Policies

You can't bully your way to bullying prevention (PDF, 201KB) article by Jim Dillon, educator and director of the Center for Leadership and Bullying Prevention, US.

Introducing STEPS

STEPS – Steps to examine programs and approaches for schools – is a decision-making tool to help schools select appropriate and evidence-based anti-bullying programs and approaches.

Local decisions determine your school's success. You want to select programs and approaches that provide real results for your students.

A wide range of frameworks, strategies, resources and programs which aim to counter bullying is available to schools. Some of these have a strong theoretical basis, solid evidence and are designed for sustainable implementation in schools. Others lack any theory or evidence and do not align with the educational context.

The STEPS decision-making tool supports school staff to examine these various programs and resources.

STEPS consists of: